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Twapewa’s Philosophy

Entrepreneurship is a tool for transforming communities and creating wealth. It is the means for progress and upliftment. No other continent holds more entrepreneurial opportunities than Africa. The time to take full advantage of these opportunities is now. Through her numerous initiatives informed by many years of personal experience, Twapewa Kadhikwa teaches young Afropreneurs – men and women alike – to spot and harness the opportunities abounding in their communities, in their countries, on the continent and beyond.

Most recently, Twapewa added ‘author’ to her long list of accomplishments. ‘Successful Entrepreneurship – 20 Nuggets Of Truth That Will Propel You To Success’ will help aspiring entrepreneurs to move beyond their business idea and find their purpose. It will inspire established entrepreneurs to refocus their efforts and enable them to take their businesses to new heights. Place your order for ‘Successful Entrepreneurship’ here.