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Why you should read this book

This book will be read by individuals looking to unlock their key to wealth through the gift of Entrepreneurship. School children should have copies of this book, as Twapewa believes that we should develop a culture of Entrepreneurship across the African continent and the World. 

Higher Education and Vocational Training Institutions should give a copy of this book to each of their students. 

Corporate companies, SME’s, Insurance companies should buy it for their agents and brokers. Both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs should own a copy. This book is not only limited to entrepreneurs, everyone who intends on earning a consistent stream of income should have a copy of this book including employed Individuals. In a world where our futures are uncertain, we all ought to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

It is Twapewa’s desire to see Namibia, SADC and Africa transformed through an enriched understanding of Entrepreneurship in order to harness the vibrant opportunities offered by this continent and beyond. African Entrepreneurs are not limited to African Opportunities. They belong to the world!