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Our Services

1. Ignite speaking engagements 

This is where Twapewa is booked to offer insightful talks to institutions, interest groups and church groups.

2. One-on-one Coaching Session

These personal coaching sessions are offered in consultation and partnership with TKI approved Coaches who availed themselves to hold the hands of emerging entrepreneurs.

3. Entrepreneurship Seminars

The TK Institute hosts seminars discussing various topics that affect entrepreneurs such as Leadership, Innovation, Finance and Personal Development.

Experts are brought in to offer specialised information in various disciplines.

4. Olafika SME Development & Mentorship Programme

Olafika is a structured mentorship programme designed to teach, train and mentor entrepreneurs in Namibia. Visit for more information.

5. Enterprise Development 

Companies who wish to do more with their social investment budgets can consult the TKI for practical advice regarding enterprise development. There are gaps that can be filled and make a huge difference in the life of ordinary men and women by setting up sustainable projects, procurement budget adjustment for impact, strengthening the ecosystem of SME’s or network development.