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TK will inspire and empower your audience

  • Provide exposure to fresh ideas and real entrepreneurial skills
  • Empower you to overcome business challenges
  • Shake things up
  • Add a few laughs along the way

Twapewa is a firm believer in Afroprenuership and a business speaker who inspires and empowers her audience with new knowledge and tools to enrich their businesses and entrepreneurial journeys. 

Why are TK’s presentations of interest & relevant?

When your business has hit a plateau and your people are suffering from “same-ness” – same market, same work, same strategy and same result – you need to radically shift your behaviour in order to improve results. This is where TK comes in.

TK has spoken in over 10 countries across the globe, assisting entrepreneurs and business leaders to radically shift their business performance. Her content is unlike any other speakers as it is enriched by personal experience. 

“The journey needs to be undertaken and there are good and painful lessons to be learned.”

– Twapewa Kadhikwa

Besides serving on several boards, TK has experienced business mishaps, led people and has been accountable to shareholders.  Twapewa believes that speakers can no longer be entertainers and thought provocateurs but must also have the scars of business- war to impart true wisdom.  Twapewa is different because she bears these scars. 

As a speaker, TK is extremely comfortable speaking to Small to Medium Entrepreneurs as well as to big business leaders. She has the uncanny ability to relate with most Africans because of her background, upbringing and education. She is an excellent conference closer.

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