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About the book

The purpose of this book is to provide FOUNDATIONAL UNDERSTANDING, APPRECIATION and INSIGHT into the journey of Entrepreneurship. 

It is a fact that in any building process, the quality of the foundation determines the durability and sturdiness of the structure. This is the same way we should approach this topic.

Twapewa has observed urgent attention being given to the ‘structure’ and ‘design’ whereas we have neglected to lay a sturdy foundation. Through this book, she hopes to provoke your awareness and understanding.

You see, after World War II, the structure of the economy was designed for ‘Job seekers’ as that was the Industrial Age. It was designed for ‘CV’ writers who want a job description that will tell them what to do till they are 60.

That era is long over. We now live in the millennial age where the economy is not able to absorb everyone into formal employment. This now calls for us to develop a culture of ‘Job creators – for self and others’. 

We however need to know that the building process is only justified if the foundation was laid well. Any negligence at the foundation will compromise structure. “In my journey, I have observed that this oversight is one of the main reasons that after 28 years of Independence, we are unable to provide an inventory of organic local and successful enterprises. Although we have made strides in some areas, I believe that we can and should be able to do more and quickly“, said Twapewa. 

These 20 Nuggets of Truth will provoke the reader to reflect deeper beyond the business idea, concept or collateral. It will make them seek their purpose on earth. They will be able to learn non-academic soft skills that are critical to the success of enterprise. Some of these are overlooked by academia and thus the Entrepreneur is left to fend for themselves and somehow make a success of their venture.

Twapewa wants to see each child, girl, boy, man and woman with a copy of this book in order for us to begin the construction of “Building a Generation of Business Minded People”.