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About the Author

Twapewa Kadhikwa is a powerhouse of entrepreneurship and business innovation. She is an advocate for the development of the economy through accelerating Entrepreneurship as a lifestyle. Born and raised in the dusty township of Katutura in Windhoek, Namibia, she has become one of the country’s foremost businesswomen, and founder of the Kadhikwa Group of Companies with interests in hospitality, agribusiness and property development.As a sought-after speaker, she has shared her lessons and experiences gained from countless business ventures with audiences across Africa, Asia, Europe and the United Sates. In order to build a bright future for generations to come,she believes that Africa must aggressively develop young women and men to becomeactive participants in their economies. Her commitment to the empowerment ofyoung entrepreneurs inspired her to start the Twapewa Kadhikwa Entrepreneurship Development Programme. The Institute provides Mentorship and Capacity Building Training for Entrepreneurs, Start-up and Growth seeking entrepreneurs. She is also the Official SME Ambassador for Nedbank Namibia.

An integral part of the Namibian business community, she is Vice-chairperson of the Board of the Kadhikwa Group of Companies and has served on the boards of various entities, including the Rössing Foundation, the Presidential Economic Advisory Council, and theAustralian-listed uranium exploration company, Bannerman Resources. Togetherwith her husband, Erastus Kadhikwa, they own and steer a group of companies,Kadhikwa Group of Companies, that has interest in Hospitality, Agribusiness and Property Development. In addition, she is the Vice- chairperson of Women’s Action for Development (WAD), a non-profit, non-partisan NGO dedicated to the socio-economic empowerment of rural women, and an active member of the Public Speakers Association of Namibia. Twapewa holds a degree in business administration from the University of Namibia. In recognition of her contribution to entrepreneurship and business development, the International University of Management awarded her an Honorary Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. 

Twapewa lives in Windhoek with her husband and their four children. 

Twapewomaano (Twapewa), a daughter of Mr. Mathew and Mrs. Namutenya Mudjanimawas born and raised in Katutura’s Gemengde 16/13 township in Windhoek, Namibia.She was born with many unique characteristics. Some of which have been revealed in this book.      

Twapewa loves to share, this is why she decided to document her knowledge, experience and skills with other entrepreneurs, especially start up and growth seeking entrepreneurs through this book. 

Twapewa desires to see the knowledge shared in this book bear fruit to everyone who reads it. Hopefully the fruit of this book will be harvested in its due season and be enjoyed by all Namibians and especially African entrepreneurs. 

Today, Twapewa is a wife, mother, daughter, leader in her community and has expanded her reach beyond the Namibian borders. She believes that her gift belongs to the Universe and wants to transform Africa through what she terms “The Afropreneurship agenda”! The time is now!